Mission Statement

Our Mission is to create a positive, non-judgmental zone where people can breathe. We want to incorporate our positivity into the community for the benefit of all our neighbors. Love, tolerance, and compassion should never be set aside and replaced with hatred, judgment, and complacency. We live in a time that has been ravaged by negativity, war, desperation, and hopelessness. It is up to all of us to try to bring something good into the world.

CLS Holistic Education Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization that will allow us to offer all our Holistic Classes and Services free to the Community.

We believe that providing education for a healthy body, mind, and spirit is not just a Mission Statement. It is our goal to a more happy, productive life for people who have lost who they are, or want to be, in this world. We will use all our resources to assist people who have gotten caught up in drug addiction, alcoholism, and other self-destructive, self-limiting paths. Our Veterans, who have returned with debilitating injuries and PTSD. Families that are dysfunctional due to depression, anxiety, and loss. We will incorporate the Services of our Holistic Health Coach/Nutritionist, Mental Health Counselors from various clinics in our area, Services like Massage Therapy, Reiki Sessions, Yoga, Creative Expression Classes, and a Life Coach to give them the information they need to stand up again.

Our Mission is to help make the broken and disheartened feel whole, loved, and a part of the living world.